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Hegartys Cheddar Cheese (200g)

St. Tola

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Hegarty's Cheese is made on the Hegarty family farm in Whitechurch on the edge of Cork city. The farm is about 150 acres in size. Since 2001 they have used only the milk produced by their herd of Irish Friesian cows for their cheese production, making our cheese fully traceable from the field to the finished product. Hegarty's Cheddar is made in large wheels, each weighing 20 kg. A traditional cheddar method is used to mature the cheese. The cheese is wrapped in a cloth in order to keep the moisture in during its year long maturation The result is a strong and nutty taste This award-winning cheese has a distinctive flavour that lasts for a long time after the first bite.

Best paired with a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or a medium sweet craft cider.