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Organic Colombia Communeros 250g

Anam Coffee

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250g Coffee–Select Wholebean/ Ground. Oscar and his family work the 60-year-old, 85 hectare farm, which includes banana, citrus, and sugarcane as well as coffee. His is now the third generation, and his two sons are next in line when the time comes to take over operations in the family business. The farm offers housing for temporary workers, a self-contained water purification system for drinking, irrigation, and processing, and a soccer pitch for down time during harvest. The solar exposure is intense in Santander; as such Hacienda La Pradera is equipped with solar dryers to protect the drying parchment from intense radiation, as well as the occasional afternoon rainshower that’s always a possibility.

Tasting notes of almond, maple syrup, cedar, honey, milk chocolate, berries.

Works well as either espresso or filter coffee.