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About Us


Bringing Clare’s finest local produce to your door.

Clare Local Delivery is Clare's only delivery service for small and artisanal producers where you can place order one from all your favourite producers and receive it all in one convenient delivery. 

Clare Local Delivery is a fledgling start up, developed by two brothers with a passion for great local food and a simple mission, source only the best local produce and bring it straight to your door. It's that simple. County Clare has a heritage of great local food. A tradition of self sufficiency and home produce has spawned a culture of cottage industries.  The embodiment of which is a diversity of artisan micro producers and some of Ireland's most recognised international food brands. 

The seismic shift that is challenging our communities in the short term has the prospect of transforming the way we organise our lives well into the future. With the relaxation of the rapid pace that we have lived our lives until now, we are seeing a mass resurgence of self sufficiency and produce made in the home. At the same time the local producers who have kept our indigenous food culture alive are some of the hardest hit.  While the retail grocery giants are prospering, smaller outlets are the most precarious to survive. 

It is critical now, more than ever, that we become self sufficient not only in our homes but at every step along the food chain. Clare Local delivery is proud to be a part of Clare’s rich food heritage as we face the current challenges and as we evolve.  

Clare Local Delivery was conceived and launched in direct response to the conditions that small and artisan food suppliers suffered as a direct result of the global pandemic. 

We soon discovered that the problems faced by artisan local producers were only exacerbated by the current global situation, not caused by it. Having tackled the immediate problems of helping small producers get their products to the people who love it, we took this as a challenge to create a sustainable network that can connect producers directly with consumers while directly supporting local economies. 


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